Secure Industrial Semantic Sensor Cloud

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The Secure Industrial Semantic Sensor Cloud (SISSeC) project aims to develop a solution for Industry 4.0 that enables data from industrial sensors to be securely ingested, semantically classified, processed, and made available in a secure cloud environment with the goal of traceability and indisputability.

There are tangible benefits from outsourcing information to a protected cloud environment: Data is aggregated and stored centrally, can be accessed at any time and from any location, and profitably processed and analyzed using artificial intelligence methods to optimize production processes. Furthermore, the digital mapping of the devices in the sensor cloud infrastructure will make it possible to simulate processes and thus optimize them in advance.

The project partners target the solution primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Europe, and Germany in particular, is known for its strong SME sector, especially in industrial manufacturing. These SMEs are to be supported in their efforts toward Industry 4.0 by the solution developed in the project. Previous solutions from large providers are not profitable for many SMEs because the setup and maintenance costs do not match the benefits. Therefore, the results of the project will be used to secure the competitiveness of globally operating SMEs.

Within this project, the Department of Information Systems at the University of Regensburg, under the lead of Prof. Dr. Günther Pernul, is involved in the following areas:

  1. conceptual development of the buffer persistence and analytics system 2. design of the virtual representation of a machine (digital twin)
  2. implementation of the persistence system
  3. implementation of a management strategy of incorporating data streams
  4. implementation of the data processing system (analysis)
  5. security analyses on the incoming data stream
  6. a prototypical implementation of the machine’s physical representation (digital twin)

Companies and research institutions involved in the project: EasyLogix - Schindler & Schill GmbH Hofmann Printed Circuit Boards GmbH Segusoft GmbH TG alpha GmbH Institute ProtectIT of the Technical University Deggendorf (THD) Chair of Information Systems at the University of Regensburg

Philip M. Empl
Philip M. Empl
IoT Security Researcher

My research interests include IoT security and digital twins.